About the Owner & Chief Photographer...

Hi my name is Jamie and I was introduced to photography at a young age by my mother who is also a professional photographer in a small town in South Dakota. I grew up assisting her with weddings, family photos, and many other types of photography and found my true calling in life. I'm lucky enough to have had a ton of family support in my chosen career field which has allowed me to achieve my dreams. I moved to Colorado to attend the Art Institute in Denver for photography and fell in love with the city and just never left.

After college I assisted a multitude of different photographers and found that a lot of the ones I had been working with didn't really enjoy photographing weddings and were doing it because it often paid more than other types of photography. I knew from those early days that I could bring the special way that I looked at life and the joy that I felt capturing one of the most important days in a couple's life to the profession. I truly enjoy photographing weddings. Just having that passion towards what I do gives my clients an experience unlike what others have to offer. As of 2019 I will have been in business for 20 years!

I love capturing the emotions of your special day for weddings and life's other big moments. If you want someone to photograph you and your event that is just as emotionally invested in your images as you are then choose my team and I to cover your event.

If all that I wrote above fits the criteria that you are looking for in a photographer please give me a call so we can discuss what it is you would like us to capture for you today. 303.432.2954