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We’ve just recently added on live-streaming video as a service that we offer for weddings and events because it has become a necessity in the the times of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many couples are dealing with the reality of having to downsize their guest counts due to not only state regulations, but also just wanting to do what’s right to protect friends and family members from the virus. Early Spring and Summer of 2020 left us dealing with postponements and cancellations and trying to figure out how we can better serve our clients with this “New Normal”. This lead us to investing in all of the equipment to stream your wedding or other event online so guests can view it live as it’s happening. This is an emerging service that I think will stay for many years to come and only looks to improve over time.  Since society as a whole is living further apart from their loved ones; more so now then they probably ever have had in the past and with the popularity of destination weddings I think live-streaming will stick around. We all have had friends that can not attend an event due to work or other obligations. We also see grandparents, etc. that are too elderly to attend. This helps bring the party to them so that they can still celebrate this special moment in our client’s lives. Currently, for 2020 events only we are offering an $800 ceremony only video package. This includes the following:

– Free Travel to Your Venue within a 100 mile radius of Denver

– Two HD Camera coverage of the Ceremony Only (no time limit, but contracted start time will be 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time with our arrival 1 -2 hours prior to your event to set everything up.)

– Lavaliere microphone and additional sound recording equipment so that speeches, vows etc. can be heard with clarity on the video. Any copyrighted music playing will be muted for the live-stream due to copyright issues, but will be included in the final keepsake copies.

– Video will be live-streamed on You Tube or Facebook with a link given to the client to share with guests one week prior to the event. Live-streaming is only available where a great cell phone or WiFi signal can be used. If needed we will come out to the venue beforehand to test the system to ensure it can be done. If for any reason beyond our control (power and/or internet outages) that we can not stream the video the video can be uploaded after the event so that guests can still view it.

-The package also includes one Blu Ray and one DVD copy for the couple as a keepsake from the event with the option to purchase more if needed.

Going into 2021 we are looking forward to offering this service for future events. For a limited time only any couple that books a full wedding video coverage package will also receive free live-streaming of the ceremony included!

We’re hoping that this service will not only help alleviate some of the heartache of not having the large wedding you dreamed of, but also be a fun way to share memories with those you cherish most!

Give us a call today to check availability!



People are always asking me what to wear to their photo-shoot, especially if their photo session is going to be more of a specialty shoot like a Maternity Session. I’ve been getting a lot of calls again this Spring for Pregnancy Photos and because of that I thought it would be good to put together a helpful guide to styling your maternity session.

1.) Consider what type of backdrop or theme you would like for your session. Do you want something outdoorsy with a real natural feel or perhaps you’re a city girl at heart that wants to show off the vibrancy of the city you live in? Depending on what type of backgrounds you want in your photos this can help you with choosing your wardrobe selection. An urban shoot maybe would look better with jeans and a t-shirt while a mountain backdrop may call for more of a long flowing dress.

2.) Determine if you want an indoor or an outdoor session. We live in Colorado, a state with so many beautiful locations to take photos at it’s kind of hard to not want to take your photos outside, however I will always recommend an indoor portrait session in the following situations: 1.) If you want any nudity or lingerie shots of any kind because it’s easier and probably more lawful to take these photos in a controlled environment. 2.) If the time of year the weather conditions could make your photo-shoot be a little more challenging, than maybe scheduling something indoors will be a safer bet as well. You can also do more of a lifestyle type shoot and take the photos in the comfort of your own home and/or nursery for an amazing memory of all the hard work you put into designing the baby’s new digs.

3.) Determine who will be in your photos… Will it just be the mother to be or do you want your partner to be in some of the photos with you. If you have other children it’s really cute to incorporate them in the photos. Photos with the kids hugging your belly are always fun! And if you are going to incorporate the rest of the family you might want to have the family in complimentary colors. Everyone in matching outfits is pretty much a thing of the past. When I think of matching Christmas sweaters or everyone wearing a denim shirt in family photos my mind immediately goes to thoughts of the 1980s. Try not to make everyone look exactly the same, but more in outfits that look good together.

4.) If you are doing outside photos consider what the weather will be like during your session. The seasons will give you a pretty good idea on what colors will be available to purcahse and what looks great. Spring and Summer tend to have brighter and lighter feels than Fall and Winter which are more of a Warm and Cozy feel. In the Winter I often see woman in high boots, sweaters, scarves and warmer colors. In the Summer I see sun dresses and light and airy outfits.

5.) Keep from picking out something that’s too trendy. My goal is to always to make your photos look timeless. Twenty years from now I don’t want you to look back at your photos and think what in the heck was I wearing. Solid colors work great. Try to stay away from too much pattern as I always think that distracts form the baby bump. Tight fitting items that accentuate the pregnant belly work the best and minimal jewelry and accessories is also a better idea to keep the focus on your belly.

6.) Plan a couple different outfits so you can get a couple different looks. If you are planning on more than one outfit let your photographer know so that they can schedule in clothing change time and also pick a location near a restroom if you are doing an outdoor site unless you are comfortable with a vehicle change.  Lay everything out and see how your pieces work together and bring a few props that remind you of baby if you have any. Great ideas are his/her first teddy bear, first set of shoes, a book you plan on reading to him, etc.

Here is a list of outfits that work great for maternity photo-shoots:

  • Maxi Dresses
  • Dresses that Tie at The Waist or Have a Slit
  • Sheer/Lacy pieces
  • Long flowy skirt with a crop top or bandeau bra
  • Oversized knit sweaters
  • Jeans and a fitting top

Other prop ideas that are fun:

  • Balloons
  • Sonogram Photo
  • Messages to the Baby (Posters, Signs, Chalkboards, etc)
  • Giftwrap Ribbon with a “Do Not Open Until *insert baby’s due date)
  • Add Humor with Preparing for Parenthood Books or a play on words to make an announcement like in October welcoming our Little Pumpkin and some images taken with a pumpkin.
  • Use holiday elements if you’re due around a holiday like Christmas, Easter or 4th of July
  • If you’ve chosen a Name for baby you can incorporate blocks, letters, etc spelling it out

Always feel free to discuss ideas with us or the photographer you are working with as they are going to be the creative ones full of ideas, locations to suggest and more. If you are looking to do something completely original that signifies your personality that’s even better! Think about a hobby you are into or things that you and your partner like to do together and try to figure out how to bring them into your photos.