About the Photographer

In case you didn’t get a chance to read up about us on our website or you came to our blog via another route then I wanted to just fill you in a little about myself and what I aim to achieve with our blog….

I’ve been in business for 17 years, but photography has been a big part of my life forever! My mom started her photography business in a little town in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I grew up assisting her. She purchased an old time portrait business when I was 14 years old so I spent my Summers dressing tourists in old west attire and taking their photos! When I graduated from high school I couldn’t see doing anything else so I ended up in Colorado to attend The Art Institute in Denver and graduated with a photography degree in 1999! My main focus for many years has been wedding and event coverage and anything having to do with capturing the human experience!

I’m a fairly new parent… with two boys under the age of 5! They keep me really busy! But not too busy to still follow my passion of photographing other families and couples so that they will also have amazing mementos from different stages in their lives!

This blog is to document not only my experiences doing photo and video for my amazing clients, but to also share some of my personal work. Aka… Photos of my own kids and other things! So if you enjoy seeing images of fun times and special sessions with my clients keep coming back to my blog and sign up for my newsletter which will also have any special offers for clients receiving it! Click Here to Receive Our Newsletter

Thanks again!


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