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This was a new fundraising event for us this year. Maple Grove Elementary PTA hosted a “Prom” themed dance and auction to raise some money for their school at The Club at Rolling Hills in Golden, CO.  I loved how into the theme the guests were! Some of them even wearing their own Prom gowns from 20 years ago! It made for some fun throwback pics with the balloon arch they set up for us! What a great theme! And what a fun way to raise some dinero for some well deserving children! I hope we get asked back to cover this event again next year!

Since our old Blog is still up I thought I would share a link to it in case anyone cares to look back in the old archives at anything. This blog dates from 2005 – til around 2012 or so… right up to when I had my first child! And then I took a little hiatus from blogging until I started up my new website and blog that you are now visiting! I was still working, but just couldn’t seem to find the time to blog! But I’m back! Trying to document all of the work we do to share with you amazing people!   So if you want to see how far we’ve come in the past 12 years on the web check it out –

Not everyone knows we offer coverage of other types of events… And one of my favorite times of year is Spring! When we do photography and my husband’s DJ company, Digital DJ does Father & Daughter Dances! Nothing is cuter than a little girl all dressed up and dancing with her dad! Most of the clubs that we’ve been doing this service for have used us for years. We provide a portrait of each dad and daughter or daughters (as it might be) with a background that goes along with their theme for the year and then some candid & detail photos of the dance party! The photos above are from The Club at Rolling Hills and this year’s theme was “The Oscars & Hollywood” The photos below are from the Boulder Country Club and their theme this year was Princesses with each table having it’s very own princess theme… Super cute! Can’t wait to do it again next year!